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"Hiçbir ordu, vakti gelmiş bir fikir kadar güçlü değildir." - Victor HUGO



Applications of plasma technology have paved the way for the development of technology in different sectors such as food, automotive, textile, city waste treatment, irrigation water enrichment, coating and cutting.

The use of plasma in the food sector does not go back far, but today plasma seed improvement applications are gaining momentum. Plasma applications enable the use of alternative seed breeding and efficient irrigation technologies. The seed exposed to plasma is free of harmful microorganisms and helps to extend the seed shelf life. Thus, it allows to increase seed productivity by getting rid of all harmful effects of pesticides previously used for seed.

Increasing technology in the automotive sector has become the application area for plasma.It contributes to the development of innovative technology by using plasma for many different purposes such as ensuring more effective use of fasteners between two parts, increasing paint retention in painting parts used on metal surfaces or in-car design, and saving fuel by using them in bodywork.

With new technological developments, high-strength, hydrophobic and nanotechnology products stand out in the textile industry. In this field, plasma applications recently have allowed the development of antibacterial products by increasing the dye retention of textile products, reducing the energy used in the industry and creating modifications on the fabric surface.

Plasma technologies are a modern technology that has gained its place in every field with the developing technology.