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"Hiçbir ordu, vakti gelmiş bir fikir kadar güçlü değildir." - Victor HUGO
Seed Improvement Process with Plasma Agriculture Application
Seed Improvement Process with Plasma Agriculture Application

Many agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides used in the agricultural sector, harm the environment and living things. Moreover, many pests, insects, etc., develop resistance to these drugs over time. For this reason, in recent years, sustainable food production studies on pre-harvest and post-harvest processes have increased in order to improve agricultural lands and the products obtained. The seeds loaded from the outside into the device are exposed to plasma and purified from microorganisms on the surface, so the seed is sterilized and the plant stress is relieved. In addition, exposure of seeds to plasma produces very small capillary cracks on the seed. Thanks to the capillary cracks formed, the germination time of the seed is shortened, thus saving time and workload.


Enrichment of Irrigation Water with Plasma Agriculture Application

In addition to seed improvement, enrichment of irrigation water is also carried out in the PlaTar device. Plasma water treatment systems are used as soil conditioners in agricultural irrigation areas. The air in the system is ionized and mixed homogeneously into the irrigation water. This process ensures that the nitrogen element, which plays an important role in the growth of plants and is abundant in the air, is transferred to the soil through irrigation water. Factors that cause plant stress, such as soil pollution and nutrient deficiencies, are cleaned by the free radicals, electrons and reactive species contained in the ionized air. These factors positively affect seed germination and plant growth by providing changes in pH value, RONS density, oxidation/reduction potential.