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"Hiçbir ordu, vakti gelmiş bir fikir kadar güçlü değildir." - Victor HUGO
Plasma Medical Processes
Plasma Medical Processes

Plasma is formed as a result of ionization of gas by providing a high amount of energy transfer. Plasma formed by ionization contains high-energy atoms, electrons, free radicals, photons and negative ions. Plasma can be obtained as hot and cold and by changing the parameters, it allows its use in different fields such as defense, textile, medical, industry and food. Davitap Engineering Medical Defense Inc. offers innovative studies in Plasma Medical Processes.

Where is Plasma Medical Used?

The use of plasma in the medical field is developing day by day. Plasma applications are frequently encountered in innovative technology development and alternative treatment methods. Plasma Medical Technologies, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, viruses, pathogens, etc. It is used in sterilization of microorganisms, production of intravenous stent, prosthesis and dental implants to be applied inside the body. Plasma Medical is used in skin repair, treatment of acute and chronic wounds, tissue/cell regeneration and repair treatment, activation of pathogens by utilizing the cellular effects of plasma. It is also used in the selective treatment of cancer cells that occur as a result of uncontrolled cell division.

What are the Advantages of Plasma Medical Processes?

It provides selective treatment of damaged cell without damaging healthy cells.

It allows the patient to be treated without being exposed to pharmacological factors.

It is applied locally. It prevents damage to neighboring tissues/cells.

It is suitable for use on living things without causing pain/suffering and without causing any allergic problems.

It does not produce harmful wastes like chemical methods.