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"Hiçbir ordu, vakti gelmiş bir fikir kadar güçlü değildir." - Victor HUGO
Plasma Agriculture
Plasma Agriculture

Quality is a key factor for the success of any food product, both in terms of objective product characteristics and subjective consumer perception. Heat treatment of foods is the main food processing technique used in the food industries. The use of heat can affect color, texture, nutrient loss, etc. lead to undesirable effects such as This situation causes a search for alternative non-thermal methods for food processing. Plasma Tarım provides seed improvement and enrichment of irrigation water developed to ensure seed productivity.

How is Plasma Farming Made?

For many years, studies such as hybridization, pasteurization, drying, freezing and sterilization have been carried out in order to increase product efficiency. These processes cause negative changes in the taste and smell of the product and cause a decrease in the nutritional value of the product.

Seed improvement carried out with Plasma Agriculture ensures that the shelf life of the products is extended and the quality of the products obtained is increased by stopping the development of microorganisms or inactivating all microorganisms.

What are the Returns of Plasma Agriculture?

Davitap Engineering Medical Defense Inc. Developed by Plasma Tarım, it is environmentally friendly. With Plasma Agriculture studies, it is ensured that soil and seeds are improved, the quality of irrigation water is increased, and the shelf life of products is extended in short processing times without harming the environment, people, food and harvest.

Where is Plasma Agriculture Used?

Breaking dormancy


plant growth

Improving plant resistance

Efficient use of resources in terms of sustainability

water purification

Waste water sterilization